How to Submit

Submitting to PCG is easy.

Fill the easy form before sending your coins to give the required information in the form

Click here to download form for submission of less than 20 coins.

Click here to download form for submission of more than 100 coins.

Fill this form and send it along with your coins.

We offer 2 ways to submit your coins and notes to PCG.

  1. You may submit directly to us.
  2. Coin Owners/Collectors can send their coins for grading at our company address by courier services ( Insurance provider Courier Companies are recommended), as we will get the coins of coin owner we will start grading and after grading we will send back the coins to the owner by the same courier.

NOTE: After receiving the courier of the coins we will inform the owner/collector through Email and after grading of the coin when we will send back, again we will inform you through Email.

Click here for Online Submission